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What You Should Do If You Can’t Reach The Homeowner

by | Oct 25, 2018

If you have committed to a real estate skip tracing service like ours, then it is inevitable that you will run into the problem of not being able to reach a homeowner. One of the first things that you should do is to pull a family report if you cannot get a hold of a homeowner. The family report states all of the data of the phone number(s), the relative’s information or anyone associated with the homeowner.  


When You Should Pull Reports? 

You should pull a report when: 

  • You call the homeowner & receive a message that indicates the mailbox is full 
  • You tend to get a voicemail each time you call the homeowner 
  • The homeowner doesn’t answer after you have left a voicemail AND a text message.  
  • You can’t get a working phone number  
  • The homeowner has passed 


Why Family Reports are Neglected 

Although it may seem pricey to pull family reports, trust us when we say that it is worth every cent in the end! Whether you are thinking about pulling the relationship reports or not when dealing with a homeowner, it can definitely determine whether you succeed or fail with a lead. 


Why call a homeowner’s relatives? 

It is always good to call a relative to the homeowner to tell them why you are trying to get a hold of them. The reason being is because the relative will get a hold of them for you or even leave a number for them to call you back at because they may see the urgency. Having an innocent relative relay, the message to them will send the message of your urgency and indicate to them that you are not a solicitor. After this is done, there is a greater chance that the homeowner will send you a text message or call you back on the phone. Even if they tell you that they are not interested in selling the property, at least you can cross their home as potential off your list and move on to the next property. 

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