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How do you Flip Houses in a Buyers’ Market?

by | Oct 31, 2018

The truth is when writing this is that there are pros and cons in every phase of the real estate market. Right now, data suggest we have now entered a new buyers’ market. Although, it has been a sellers’ market in most of the country for several years. So, how can investors effectively navigate the new dynamics of the property market? 


Why the Shift Now? 

In the beginning of the new year, we saw records set for home sales, although we have rising interest rates and a tight mortgage lending market. Though, property prices have risen so high. Rent has inflated in some parts of the country, and unrealistic sellers are putting high price tags on properties, so that has made the shift.  


Recognize the Benefits 

The benefits are numerous for real estate investors when the market turns from a sellers’ market to a buyers’ market. Although the house flipping business has also been more popular than ever within the past few years, there are still sellers who are motivated to sell. The momentum shift can be extremely positive as it can bleed into more negotiating earnest money deposits, contract contingencies, seller financing terms, closing dates, reimbursements for repairs, and contact extensions. 


Get Equipped 

The smartest thing is to be prepared and equip yourself with the future since it is a buyers’ market. The time is now to be more active and take full advantage of so that when the market does turn into a sellers’ market you will be prepared. One of the MOST crucial things to do first is to make sure you have a great system for handling higher volumes of deals. 


This is where Need To Skip comes in. comes in when you are in need of data and a system to help you receive the information that is needed to close deals and give you leads. We can help you! Just click here and we can help you get the most data you can in the housing market.

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