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What Is The Most Valuable Data to Obtain in Skip Tracing?

by | Nov 13, 2018

Current Address 

Overall, skip tracers are trying to locate an individual so the address has to be one of the most crucial pieces of data.  In most cases, they are looking for a debtor who has been nonresponsive to requests to pay up so they skipped town. This sometimes makes it nearly impossible to serve any formal complaint. 

Typically, most would think that the most valuable data to a skip tracer to obtain would be an address, right? Wrong. Although any successful skip tracer must obtain the address of the homeowner, this is just a starting point. 


Possible Relatives 

It is EXTREMELY common for an individual homeowner to stay with family during a crisis. This is the reason why it is one of the most imperative pieces of data to obtain. Family is can be a lot easier to inconvenience. Your potential seller may very well be staying with a favorite uncle while they are trying to dodge creditors who are looking for them because of their debt.  


Properties Owned by The Homeowner 

This is such a strong responsibility now that homeowners can very much so have a few properties in that area or elsewhere. This may be either their temporary residence or their second primary residence. Either way, it would be very wise to check into their vacation homes, condos in the city or other income properties that they may own.  


Common Residency 

One of the most crucial skip tracing data that you could ever obtain is to find out the common residency that someone may stay at from time to time. A prime example is if someone goes to live with their best friend after a bad breakup or even a troubled time that they are going through. You will be able to obtain this information through skip tracing and the reports will show. The reports keep track of individuals with whom the individual has shared a residence for any period of time. If they aren’t staying with family, or even with a best friend, another great way to check is with any past roommates. 

If you are looking for any skip tracing data in real estate, Need To Skip can help you! We can obtain all of this data for you and assist you with skip tracing.

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