Use Skip Tracing During The Holidays to Find Homeowners on Vacation

by | Nov 26, 2018

As a real estate investor, you likely spend a lot of your time surveying and assessing potential properties to add to your portfolio. Unfortunately, however, once you do find the perfect property, it can be difficult to find and contact the owners to make an offer. This can be an even larger problem during the holidays as families spend significant time away from their homes on vacation during this time of year.

Fortunately, skip tracing offers a great solution to real estate investors looking to track down homeowners who are on vacation.


What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing is, as the name might indicate, the act of tracking down someone who has skipped town. Oftentimes, skip tracing is to track down wanted criminals or to collect debts from individuals.

Unless you are a licensed investigator, it can be very difficult and time-consuming to track down an individual with limited resources. Skip tracing software and services are able to analyze public records in order to find the person you are looking for as quickly as possible. Skip tracing can help uncover information such as a person’s address, place of work, phone number, and more.

In real estate, skip tracing is typically used for a couple of reasons. First, it is often used in order to find homeowners of vacant or abandoned properties so that an investor can purchase the property. Additionally, it might also be used to track down renters who have skipped out on their leases and still owe money to a property owner. Lastly, it can be used to perform detailed background checks on potential renters or buyers.


How Skip Tracing Can Save Time During the Holidays

As a home investor, one of the biggest problems you’ll likely run into is not being able to contact the owner of a property that you are interested in. This can be extraordinarily frustrating as you were hoping to quickly purchase and flip a property. While this may not be a significant issue throughout the rest of the year, this can be an extremely common occurrence during the holidays as homeowners pack up and go on vacation for extended periods of time.

Skip tracing is a fantastic way for real estate investors to retrieve the contact information of property owers so that an offer can be made as quickly as possible. With skip tracing, there is no reason that you need to wait for homeowners to return from vacation to make an offer and add their property to your real estate portfolio. If you need any kind of skip tracing data or you are looking for a Real Estate Skip Tracing service, we can help you! Just click here and we can provide the service for you.

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