Other Than Real Estate, What Industries Utilize Skip Tracing?

by | Nov 30, 2018

What is Skip Tracing?

Skip tracing simply refers to the process of locating a person who cannot be found at their residence or usual places of business. 

Skip tracing is carried out by collecting, analyzing, and verifying information about an individual, and using this information to locate the person in question. This includes using computer software to comb through public records as well as manually contacting and questioning individuals to get additional information. This process requires the tracer to access and read through information such as travel records, credit reports, vehicle registration, and anything else that can be used to locate a person.


Who Uses Skip Tracing?

As you might already know, skip tracing is often used by real estate investors to locate property owners so that they can purchase valuable property. However, skip tracing is a valuable tool that is also used in many other industries.


Bail Bondsmen and Bounty Hunters

Bail bondsmen and bounty hunters often utilize skip tracing practices to find individuals who have skipped bail. Skip tracing can help locate these individuals and return them to custody so that they can appear in court and the bondsman’s money will be recovered.


Debt Collection Agencies

Skip tracing is also commonly used for debt collection purposes.

Debt collection agencies can have trouble tracking down individuals who have recently moved and changed their contact information in an effort to avoid repaying their debts. Skip tracing helps locate these individuals and collect their debts.


Private Investigation Firms

Private investigators may utilize skip tracing for a variety of reasons. Investigators are likely to find themselves in a position in which they need to track down someone who has recently committed a crime, owes money to someone, or has disappeared for an unknown reason. In any case, skip tracing is a very valuable tool for private investigators.



Journalists may even utilize skip tracing services when trying to complete a story. Skip tracing can help locate individuals who may possess valuable information that could otherwise not be recovered.


Repossession Agents

Similar to debt collection agencies, repossession agents may require skip tracing services in order to track down an individual who has skipped town in order to avoid giving up his or her personal items. Skip tracing can help repo agents recover the assets that are owed to them.

While these are not all of the practical applications of skip tracing, they are a few of the most common ones. Hopefully, this demonstrates how useful skip tracing is and how many different applications it can have.

Skip tracing is an incredibly beneficial service which can help individuals in various industries complete their jobs more efficiently and quickly.

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