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What Kind of Job Qualifications or Experience Should A Cold Caller Have?

by | Feb 27, 2019

Cold calling is one of the cornerstones of any real estate business, especially for newcomers. It is a great way to generate leads that can keep your business growing. However, it can also be a time consuming and frustrating process. Like any sale pitch, it is a numbers game, and even with a compelling script, very few cold calls translate into a viable lead. Busy real estate agents often hire professional cold callers to save some time. But what kind of job qualifications should a good cold caller have?



1. A good cold caller should have stellar phone manners

Calling a friend is easy, but call reluctance is more common than you might think. Handling repeated rejection can lead to burn out. Cold calling can be intimidating and requires a certain mindset that does not come naturally to those who don’t have the experience of dealing with potential customers that may or may not be happy to deal with a sale representative.


Cold calling is all about the caller’s phone manners. He or she must be able to speak clearly and not get easily destabilized. The caller should be able to stick to a script in a way that feels natural but also be able to adapt to the person they are talking to. They should be able to watch the tone of their voice on the phone and keep their interlocutor engaged.


People who have worked in call centers won’t be intimidated by calling random people repeatedly who might not expect or be thrilled about receiving their phone call.



2. A good cold caller should be personable.

Most of the time, a cold caller calls a potential client at a “bad time” since there is no good time for an unexpected phone call. He or she must be able to appear immediately friendly and trustworthy within the short window they have to keep the prospect on the phone and get him or her interested.


They should be able to overcome whichever objections the prospective clients will undoubtedly raise in a friendly manner, without being pushy.


Those with a customer service background, technical support representatives and front desk associates have a job experience that can come in handy as a cold caller.



3. A good cold caller should have excellent administrative skills.

Cold calling requires excellent organization skills to be able to track down information if they are not readily available and communicate effectively with the person they are calling. They should also be able to document essential points that may come up during the conversation and relay whichever information they obtained from the prospective client to the real estate agent so he or she can close the deal.


Moreover, they should be able to set up appointments or follow up calls if necessary, and handle returned phone calls if they come up.


People who have worked as a personal assistant or as a client services coordinator before have the organizational training and ability to multitask that can be a strong advantage for a cold caller.

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