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What Are The Best States To Invest In Property

by | May 17, 2019

Looking to invest in property? Want to flip a house quick to make a fast profit? Interested in commercial properties as well as residential?

Not all housing markets are created equal, and that means that investments in properties fluctuate with these markets. It serves you best to know what markets are booming and what markets are stagnating, so that you can make an educated guess about where your next business venture should be.


Here are 5 cities that you should consider when investing in real estate in 2019.


Dallas or Fort Worth, TX

Dallas and Fort Worth are at an epicenter of business and residential growth in Texas. As population trends continue upwards in these areas, properties for professionals and wealthier residents are being built with the idea of an increasingly metropolitan Texas. And, considering that much of Texas is rural, the addition of modern businesses and workforces is making this area a place to invest in.


Raleigh/Durham, North Carolina

Raleigh and Durham are part of the “Research Triangle,” and area that spans Raleigh, Durham, and College Park. Included within the Research Triangle are esteemed colleges like Duke University and the University of North Carolina, with both pushing hard on technical and business education. Alongside these universities a technology industry is booming around software, integrated hardware, and small startup companies. All this, plus steadily-increasing employment numbers, means that property values are set to increase over the near future.


Atlanta, GA

Atlanta is considered the economic center of the South, with one of the largest international airports in the country and a growing suburban sprawl–mostly due to an increase in population and employment.

Atlanta also maintains steady property values due to its continued population growth: 14% in the last ten years. This means that housing demand has increased exponentially over the past decade, making residential investment a good bet.


Orlando, FL

The state of Florida is a center for both tourist and retirees. With warmer beaches and a great, mild climate throughout the state, people flock to this area to buy homes, set up businesses for retirees, and frequent beach houses and rental properties near the ocean.

Orlando, perhaps more than any other city in Florida, is a center for culture and jobs. Investing in either commercial or residential properties here are a no brainer.


Memphis, TN

Memphis is the home of blues and southern Tennessee culture, and its housing market is starting to pick up.

However, if you aren’t a traditional investor but a house flipper, then Memphis is for you. According to ATTOM Data Solutions, Memphis is the top city for home flippers, with high returns and quick flip rates. If you are looking to make money on flipping homes, then Memphis is the market to consider.

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