Top 5 Tips for Selling a Home in the Summer 

by | Jun 5, 2019

Selling a home in the summer is not as easy as most assume.  The challenge is compounded if you live in a blazing hot part of the country such as Nevada, Arizona or Texas.  Prepare appropriately and you will fetch top dollar for your property.  Here is a quick look at five tips that will help you sell your home during the dog days of summer for a more-than-fair price.



Tip #1: Emphasize Your Home’s Outdoor Features

Your property’s backyard features are of the utmost importance when attempting to sell in the summer.  This is the time of year when people are looking to enjoy the fresh air with their friends, family and others.  If your property has any redeeming qualities in the front or backyard, highlight them in the write-up and open house advertising materials.  Play up these features to their full extent and you just might spark a summer bidding war for your property.  If your property does not have any notable outdoor features, consider spending for a few niceties to ramp up interest in your property.  Even if you do not want to spend to enhance the outdoor portion of your property, you should still clean the entirety of the patio, deck, pool and outdoor furniture so these spaces look and feel welcoming.



Tip #2: Schedule the Open House During Your Vacation

Most people wait until the summer months to take their vacation.  This is the perfect time to pack away your belongings, clean the house and depart for a fun destination while home-seekers check out your property.  Give the keys to your realtor to show your property across the entirety of your vacation week and this extended open house period will likely result in at least one impressive bid.



Tip #3: Consider a Rush Hour Open House

Summer is the perfect time to hold a rush hour open house as opposed to a weekend open house.  Those interested in buying a home are much more likely to visit a house up for sale in the summer if they can check it out immediately after work.  The alternative is a weekend open house scheduled on days when the home-seeker is likely to partake in family outings, trips and other commitments.  Schedule your open house from 4-6 on a Thursday evening and your property really will generate that much more interest than a weekend open house in the summer.



Tip #4: Subtleties Such as Summer Refreshments can Make a Big Difference

Those visiting your summer open house are likely to be parched, sweaty and fatigued.  Provide visitors with a pitcher of iced tea, homemade lemonade or another cool beverage and they will be inclined to stay for more than a couple minutes.  Do not lose sight of the fact that home-seekers are checking out several houses.  If you do not make your home as welcoming, relaxing and enjoyable as possible, people will not hesitate to venture on over to the next property up for sale.



Tip #5: Advertise More Than You Think is Necessary

People tend to turn off their electronic devices in the summer months in favor of time spent in the greater outdoors.  This means it will prove especially challenging to advertise your home on the web.  Do not limit your home marketing to online listings.  Put up balloons by “for sale” signs to maximize visibility and awareness of your home’s open house.  Place signs on nearby roads that lead to campgrounds, beaches and other summer hot-spots.  Spread the word in as many ways as possible and the home-seekers in your area will be well aware of the fact that your beautiful property is up for sale.

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