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How Will The Coronavirus Impact Real Estate

by | Apr 22, 2020

Coronavirus has caused a significant impact on all industries, including real estate. The effects on the industry will continue to get worse if the pandemic doesn’t end soon. The effects aren’t just felt in one section of the world but every country across the globe. The economic shutdown in all countries is the main reason why the real estate sector hasn’t been spared because it depends on the other sectors. Other than constructions of new projects stopping, other businesses like hotels and restaurants have also been shut down. Also, most renters haven’t been able to make rent, creating a further negative impact on real estate. These effects are expected to get worse even after the virus stops spreading since it will take some time before the economy starts to improve.

Skip tracing

To skiptrace is to look for someone who has skipped town because they own a debt they are unable to pay. Most of the time, those who skip don’t leave their destination details behind, but a professional skip tracer will be able to find them. Each tracer may use their methods so long as they get the desired results, but most of them nowadays use technology to help them out. Other than the internet and social media platforms, there are also skip tracing software that tracers can use to find skippers.

Coronavirus impact


One of the ways the virus will affect real estate is by putting an end to construction. Other than the fact that the workers can’t go to work, they cannot get the supplies they need as well. Many countries have imposed quarantine routines and curfews, leading to many businesses shutting down, including those that supply construction materials. As the situation continues, many businesses, including those in the real estate construction, will be forced to lay people off. As this happens, the economy will continue to dwindle, leading to a reduction of the need for skip tracing services.


Restaurant owners are also feeling the pinch of the coronavirus pandemic. With shutdowns and restrictions of service provisions, restaurants aren’t bringing in money as they used to. Most of them have stopped services completely, with the remaining few offering take away services only. This In addition to the fact that most people fear to leave their homes, is expected to keep making things worse. Many countries have already reported start-up restaurant owners not being able to pay rent or loans they acquired to start the business. This could lead to most people defaulting and opting to skip, especially if the problem continues for longer. With the number of skips increasing, there will be a need for skiptracing soon after the pandemic ends.

Reduced value

Coronavirus is also bound to create an impact on real estate by making it impossible for potential investors to find real estate properties appealing. Housing properties need constant care and maintenance to maintain their appeal. However, with many service providers being unable to provide their services, the properties will cease to have the visual appeal that attracts outsiders. The housing market will go down with many who wish to sell their properties to cover for the loans and debts they have incurred being unable to get good returns. With the inability to get the funds they need, many lenders will turn to batchskiptracing tools to help try to recover some of the money. There will also be many foreclosures with a high potential of mortgage lenders going bankrupt.

On the other hand, the trend could lead to an upsurge in the few real estate properties available. Currently, the prices are lowering in many parts of the world. There are no projects, and most people are afraid of making investments. However, if the pandemic ends, the few people who can afford to make the investments will rush to take advantage of the lower prices leading to pressure and subsequently increase in the prices. This means that property owners will have to choose between counting their losses with those who skip and chasing after them by using all necessary means, including batch skip tracing software, to help recover some of the losses. Even so, there is no guarantee that they will be able to do so and that the market will get to a better place again within an acceptable time frame.


The uncertainty of the economy to hold up is already at its peak. However, the longer this pandemic lasts, the more the uncertainty increases. Not only will domestic investors fear to put their money in the real estate sector, but international investors may also have the same fear. For the few who are fearless, the reused rates have provided the perfect excuse for them to invest now, hoping that they will be able to pay those reduced rates in the next few years. For the more cautious lot, not knowing what the future holds is more than enough for them to tighten their purse strings. Either way, most international investors may prefer to return to their own home countries and may want to sell their properties in the process. Some renters may also decide to go back home, leading to a larger scale of skip tracing real estate.

Although the real estate industry and the economy at large have been in a similar situation before, it is unclear whether this time, things will bounce back as soon as they did last time. In 2000, the SARS began to decline within six months, but even then, it did not create the impact coronavirus has created. Most countries are still struggling with containing the virus, and there is doubt as to when that will be done effectively. The longer this drags on, the more the effect and the harder it will be to bounce back.


If you’re still wondering what is skip tracing then you can identify it as a form of debt collection that is similar to bounty hunting but doesn’t apply the same tactics as the latter. You can have a skip tracer look for someone who leaves town without paying you back. For instance, most people who skip on rent usually opt to move to a different location when the debt becomes too much, and they can’t find a way to pay back. Others don’t like paying back and will leave rather than pay. Either way, skip tracing will help you track them down even if they don’t leave their details behind.

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