The Top 5 Best real estate Markets in the Country

by | Jun 25, 2020

One of the major current trends in selling real estate is iBuyer. Several real estate businesses are now using investment websites for quick buying and selling of houses in phoenix. Currently, the biggest investment companies such as Redfin, Zillow, need to skip, offer their home buying services in more than twenty metro areas. A recent report by the top home buying companies reveals the top markets where investing is quickly growing. 

Here is an exclusive look at the top 5 best home buying markets in the country. If you are unacquainted with home buying, short for instant buyers, home buying are now real estate tech companies that buy and sell homes via an online podium. home buying wholesaling companies utilize artificial intelligence technology to make instant offers to sellers and buy homes in quick cash transactions. They typically bypass open houses, real estate agents, and traditional home sales process. 

Wholesaling digitally focuses on making the process of buying and selling homes more effortless, making it easier for individuals to buy a house while selling their current place simultaneously. Home buying in wholesaling closes quickly, in as less as weeks and homes are bought sight unseen. These companies turn homes faster in various markets, which is essential because each day, an owner holds on to a home, interest, upkeep, and property taxes eat into the profits. 

When home buying gets houses for sale in Arizona or any other place, the company does renovations and repairs for them to sell the home at a higher cost. Most of these companies pay reasonable market rates when purchasing a home and, in return, obtain their income by selling at a higher charge for their convenience. In all the twenty-one major markets, iBuyer companies sold homes at a faster rate as compared to the typical sale in the area. 

According to top home buyers, companies such as the most popular markets for these home buyers include the cities of Phoenix, Charlotte, Atlanta, Raleigh-Durham, and Houston. These top markets work well for home buyers, who tend to buy relatively affordable houses in phoenix and other top markets. These homes were constructed within the last few decades, and track neighborhoods with largely homogeneous housing stock make them easy for accurate pricing. 

1. Raleigh 

This city was among the top-ranked market for home buyers. Home buyers bought 7.3 percent of the houses that were sold in Raleigh in 2019, which is a tremendous increase from 3.9 percent sold in 2018. This is an indication that Raleigh will have a substantial price growth in 2020. The country’s top home buyers bought one out of a hundred homes that were sold in 2019. 

2. Phoenix

Houses for sale in phoenix AZ have largely dived into the home buyers markets placing the city of phoenix among the top best home buyers market in the country. Often referred to as the birthplace of the home buyers trend, houses in phoenix accounted for about seven percent of the home purchases. House for sale in Arizona being vended by home buyers were on the market for about 20 days, which is a significant perfection from the previous average of 70 days on the market. It is estimated that iBuyers will facilitate half of all the houses in phoenix.

3. Charlotte

The Charlotte real estate market is thriving in all classes. A recent study of home buyer companies has shown charlotte to be one of the quickest-growing markets for home sales made through home buyer’s market. In the third quarter of 2019, about 4.4 percent of homes bought in the charlotte market were made by iBuyers positioning charlotte at the top five in the nation. 

4. Atlanta

In Atlanta, home buyers accounted for approximately 5.4 percent of the total homes sold in the last quarter of 2019, ranking it as one of the best home buyer markets in the country. The home buyer market share in Atlanta increased from 2.1 in 2018 percent to 5.2 percent in 2019. Atlanta was also among the most affordable markets for home buyer, where real estate companies purchased homes for a median of $207,000.

5. Houston

Houston experienced a growth of the home buyer market share from about 0.1 percent in 2018 to about 3.8 percent in 2019. The low percentage in 2018 might be attributed to the fact that buyers were largely unknown when they entered the Houston market at first. The houses for sale in phoenix AZ are relatively similar to those in Houston, which has seen companies prospering in Houston. Home buyers in Houston are leveraging the fact that home buyer is more convenient despite the high fees price paid for the house. 

Home buyers seem to focus their marketing energies in the southern markets with strong growth in costs and sales. In all the markets, wholesaling companies had a market share of a minimum of one percent, with most markets having a share of more than three percent. Home buyers are likely to hasten houses for sale in Phoenix, AZ, and these other markets because of ease of operation for home sellers. Their best position among the top markets is purchasing two-story homes constructed in the 1990s and 2000s, although the model might change as they continue to expand.

The home buyers are yet to challenge the most expensive coastal markets in the nation, such as New York, Seattle, and Francisco. Some of the highly expensive markets that these house buyer companies have served in 2019 include Portland, calif, Denver, and riverside, where the median sales are approximately $400.000.


Home buying is still a relatively new method for selling and buying homes. However, home buyers are continually improving and refining their processes to make this method more effective. 2020 comes with lots of expectations for home buyer companies to expand their services to the costly coastal markets. In whatever happens, its most likely that home buyer results will be more, high-quality options for the home sellers and buyers. As the buyer confidence in home buyer increases, it’s more likely that home buyers market share in the country will tremendously grow as well. Most of the Houses for sale in Arizona will be sold via home buyers in the recent future; hence you better get used to the new way of purchasing and selling homes. 

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