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What Businesses To Invest In During COVID 19

by | Oct 30, 2020

Covid 19 has taught a few lessons in global health management and we can all agree that 2020 has been one heck of a year. Businesses have taken a hit and have had to find solutions around the procurement and supply chain problems cause by the COVID 19 pandemic. We’ve had to adjust to the realities of the current times, washing our hands in sanitizers and stressing our ears with facemasks. Covid19 has changed our approach to business as most companies have embraced working from home and other realities that COVID has brought. While some have been counting financial losses, COVID19 has afforded some the opportunity to make financial gains. We’d be sharing how you can make financial gains with the realities of COVID 19. Here are the businesses to invest in during Covid below:

How to Invest 

Be careful not to fall into the investment rush and lose money. Assess opportunities with utmost cynicism and follow your guts. here are a few tips on how to identify investment opportunities:

  • Invest in what you’re familiar with: Don’t make the mistake of falling for a good sales pitch on an idea or field you’re not familiar with. Invest in what you know.
  • Assess the Risk: compare the risk with the reward and determine if the reward justifies the risk. Can’t have you taking needless risks.
  • Read!!!: Read up on everything related to the field or product you want to invest in. Ask questions and consult experts. Become a bookie of sorts on the field. Listening to podcasts or attending seminars (or as 2020 has it, webinars) around the topic. It’s also pivotal to educate yourself on how COVID19 will affect major industries.

What Businesses to invest in?

COVID19 has proven or exposed the volatility of markets and as much as 2020 has thrown us lemons, let’s try and make some financial lemonade. Here are a couple of suggestions on businesses you can invest in these “quarantimes”:

Mineral Resources: You probably don’t hear this on an average day but buying mineral resources like Gold or silver insures you from market volatility. In the case where the market crashes, Gold has proven to hold its value or even increase in value.

Yourself: You are a viable and high yield product and we believe that investing yourself will definitely bring value. You can here our thoughts on how to invest in yourself here.

Stocks: While the COVID19 pandemic has affected the stock value of companies especially companies in tourism, aviation, hospitality and entertainment to mention a few. But Big tech companies have seen their stocks become more valuable during the pandemic and it will be wise to consider buying their stock. For this we’d recommend that you get more information.

Real Estate: Real estate presents a viable investment option in the midst of this pandemic. Apart from the general nuances that suggest that you buy real estate because there’s limited land space in the world, COVID has taught us that we don’t want to spend the time of our lives cooped up indoors. City residents are beginning to rethink their housing pattern and are looking at suburbs that would provide a backyard and some outdoor space. There are multiple ways to make money with real estate. You could enjoy rental income from your property, contribute a fraction of your earnings into a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) or take the more audacious step by venturing into real estate investing. Real estate investing provides you an opportunity to make a nice profit by flipping houses.

Adaptability is an important aspect of human existence and it’s important to look for and take advantage of the silver lining in the dark cloud called COVID 19. Till we see this through , Stay Masked Up!!.

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