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How To Skip Trace In Real Estate During COVID-19

by | Nov 19, 2020

Skip tracing in real estate is an essential part of real estate investing. The benefits from it can not be over stated, from helping you discover high yield properties that are unlisted to developing a pool of quality leads that can help with your property flipping efforts. The benefits are innumerable. For most of us, 2020 seemed to be the year we wanted to go hard on several of our goals and then COVID happened and we had to rethink our way of going about our daily activities, build out new strategies for investing, count our probable losses and wins and look forward to how to make juicy lemons out of the lemonades the pandemic threw at us.

The pandemic is still very much with (please stay masked up) and we’ve shown our resilience in other parts of our lives. If you’ve been puzzled about how to go about skip tracing during these unprecedented times, then you are just in the right place.

How we went About skip tracing Pre-Pandemic

For newbies, Skip tracing was our own means of tracking persons who ‘skipped’ town to evade a responsibility or punishment. For real estate, Skip tracing is a bit different as it is using a combination of technology and human intelligence to find profitable properties with motivated buyers. 

Skip tracing before COVID hit was either by going through local directories to discover details of property owners. This process can be quite bulky as you have to look at multiple directories across different counties and probably state lines. 

Another approach to skip tracing is to hire a skip tracer to help you skip trace property owners. The downside with this is that its time consuming and the time you’d spend in waiting for feedback from the skip tracer could be spent more efficiently. This approach is best suited to literal 

The best approach to real estate skip tracing is using skip tracing software that produces reliable data within the shortest possible time. Most skip tracing services or software just help you with leads but needtoskip goes beyond that to provide a relationship report. They also have an array of supporting services for your skip tracing efforts.

The “New Normal”

so back to skip tracing in the new normal, COVID has put a restraint on how mobility and how we go about our daily activities and skip tracing is no different. Taking on skip tracing yourself or outsourcing to a skip tracer might not be so advisable during the pandemic. (even after the pandemic for reasons earlier stated). So what should you note about Real Estate Skip tracing during COVID 19 are :

  • Be wary of laws guarding access and usage of personal information. The National do not call registry is also a good point to check to verify details about contact information.
  • COVID has taken its toll on some people’s loved ones and family and you should be extra courteous in approaching property owners or convincing them to deal with property.
  • Take extra efforts to verify information you get from your skip tracing service.

We have a duty to be resilient in the face of this pandemic and to defeat it by taking necessary precautions. Needtoskip provides all the necessary support for your real estate investing and are a sure companion to help you profit off real estate while staying safe.

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