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House Flipping 101: The Complete Guide To Fixing And Flipping

by | Jan 31, 2021

House Fixing and flipping seems to be the rave of the moment and the next best thing after Gold, Bitcoin, and GameStop shares. You’ve heard stories of people making huge returns on House fixing and flipping and you’re wondering how to get in on it. There’s no definitive science on how to fix and flip houses and make handsome returns, most times reality TV paints this blissful image of making nice returns on real estate skip tracing within a short period of time, but what they don’t show is the bulk of work that goes into finding an ideal property with the potential for huge returns. If you’ve been wondering how to get in on the Fixing and flipping market and make impressive returns, well here’s an interesting guide on how to get started. We call it House flipping 101. We hope you enjoy reading it and pick up action points from here.

House fixing and flipping seems to be the rave of the moment and the next best thing after Gold, Bitcoin, and GameStop shares. You’ve heard stories.

A complete guide to House fixing and flipping

To get started, let’s understand what fixing and flipping mean. Flipping means buying a property, renovate it to habitable and domestic standards and sell it for a profit. The target is a house that the owner is looking to offload and unwilling to renovate. On paper it seems simple, just buying, renovating, and selling right ?, In reality, it’s not that simple, you have to find deals, get the money, repair the property within your budget while maintaining standards, and reselling for money. So what practical steps can you take to get around it:

Start With Research: Research a different range of skip tracing markets and understand which market is viable to begin with.  Look into neighborhoods too, the crime rate and whether the area is prone to flooding or any other concerns. Ideally, it’s good to look at investing in stable middle or working-class neighborhoods.

Plan: As much as we might sound like a broken record, planning is inevitable and FYI we’re going to keep hammering on it. Planning involves setting a budget for investing in property, your expected return on each or all of the properties and also a business plan.

Get your Finances right: well, ain’t no flipping without buying any house, and to buy a property you have to get your flip financing in order. You can try conventional financing by utilizing a bank loan to flip the house but banks might be generally reluctant.

Find your ideal property: One of the most crucial parts of flipping is finding a good deal. This means you not only have to buy below the market value but buy at a value good enough to cover fixing expenses and other necessary fees for permits and licenses. In trying to find the ideal property (or properties) it’s advisable to search for off-market properties that are not listed on a property listing service.

Conclusively, it is good practice to approach house fixing and flipping from a point of a business and try to optimize for profit. It’s viable to invest in skip tracing to unearth off-market properties owned by motivated sellers.

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