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What Other Industries Use Skip Tracing?

by | Mar 8, 2021

Skip tracing is not just exclusive to real estate investors alone. It is a skill that has proven useful in many other industries. Although it requires the same basic processes, it is usually employed for different reasons.

On the one hand, real estate investors make use of skip tracing for finding homeowners in other to land mouth-watering deals. Other industries might make use of this process quite differently.

Skip tracing is simply the act of collecting vital information on an individual to determine their exact location. A skip tracer has to use every tool and resource available to collect, analyze and verify the whereabouts of the individual in question.


  • Bounty hunters and bail bondsmen: they make use of skip tracing to track down individuals that have skipped bail, whether an intentional skip (one who is trying to avoid being sent to prison) or an unintentional one. They make use of legal processes to gather information about the fugitive, that could assist in their capture. They do all these while abiding by all privacy laws, local, state, federal, and trespass laws.
  • Attorneys: those in the law firm have a constant need to locate both individuals and records for legal motives such as court cases, process serving, wills, or other circumstances. Skip tracing would prove beneficial when it comes to locating individuals that are being sued for misconduct or those that are indebted to companies or people and are trying to flee the hands of the law. They also use it to locate witnesses that may know something to support a case in court. They also make use of skip tracing to allow process serving. For example, in the case of a divorce case, one of the parties may not be willing to get a divorce and might be trying to avoid being served paper or for cases involving child custody issues. Another case might be in locating beneficiaries of a will to inform them that they’ve inherited something, it might be unknown or estranged relatives or even a child that was given up for adoption sometime in the past.
  • Journalists: journalists and reporters are known to always be on the lookout for juicy news and trending stories, so it makes sense that skip tracing is something they should have in their arsenal. They make use of skip tracing to find individuals to book important interviews, this is particularly essential to their field as the source of the information they report to the public would determine how much credibility and trust they would receive.
  • Collection agencies: these are companies employed by lenders to retrieve loans that have passed their due date of repayment. The act of skip tracing is essential when dealing with debtors that are not willing to be found.

In conclusion, skip tracing is very useful to real estate investors and other industries when it comes to locating individuals that do not want to be found or are simply hard to find, provided you are not breaking any law or legal rules to obtain information.

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