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Skip Tracing 101 For Real Estate Investors

by | Mar 23, 2021

Skip tracing for real estate investors has proven useful when it comes to finding homeowners whose properties are currently not on the market.

It is that extra proactive step that marks the difference between a successful real estate investor and one that simply takes what he can get.

Skip tracing involves digging out information that would prove useful in knowing the exact whereabouts of a potential seller.


Skip tracing is not employed by real estate investors alone and is also useful for individuals in other fields, such as for:

  • Private investigators 
  • Bounty Hunters 
  • Reporters
  • Debt Collection Organizations 
  • Marketing firms
  • Lawyers
  • Government agencies 
  • Law enforcement agencies 
  • Bail bondsmen
  • Repossession agencies 

All these individual and agencies make use of skip tracing to locate people that don’t want to be found or those that are just hard to find.


Provided you do not make use of illegal means or violent methods to obtain individual information and details, then there’s nothing wrong with using the resources and tools available to you to discover the whereabouts of someone.

In some states, it is illegal to falsify the details of the reason behind your search. This means that in such states, it is important to state truthfully why you seek the whereabouts of this individual. This is why it is important to know the rules of skip tracing in the particular state you plan to carry out your investigation to ensure you’re not in violation of any laws. 


When it comes to finding homeowners, certain information when obtained can lead you on the right path.

Important information, such as the:

  • The home address of the property owner 
  • Their phone number 
  • Name
  • Contact details of close relatives, business associates, or friends.
  • Email address 
  • Social security number


Using skip tracing for a real estate investor is like going for the whole treasure chest while others are busy getting entranced by petty coins and employing it brings a lot of benefits, such as:

  • Avoiding competition: in skip tracing, you’re going out to seek homeowners that may not even have had the intention of selling their property or those that are simply too lazy to place their assets on the market. Most times this would mean that they aren’t being distracted by other investors looking to make a sale, which means if you play your cards right, you stand a better chance.
  • Wide reach: real estate skip tracing is not only reliable and effective but also generates fast results. You can locate multiple homeowners at once and pitch sales to each of them as you sit back and watch your efforts bloom into valuable deals.
  • Unlimited coverage: employing real estate skip tracing allows you to look beyond what the market has to offer. You no longer limit yourself to “what is available “, instead you create your sales and your opportunities.

There are so many tools out there available that would make finding homeowners a stressless task, some of which are:

  • Need To Skip: Every real estate investor needs that one service that would not only help them locate potential sale leads but also do so fast and at an affordable cost. This is where Need To Skip comes in, with skip tracing services that will bring you several miles closer to the massive deal you deserve.
  • Search engines: search engines like google, Yahoo can help provide you with easy-to-access data that might help you find your homeowner.
  • Social media: in this new age where almost everyone is on one social platform or the other, locating someone through this means is now very easy.

Conclusion: if you effectively employ skip tracing into your practices, it would be almost easy to stay at the top of the charts. Skip tracing is about going an extra mile, to discover what others are unable, uninformed, or just too lazy to reach.

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