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When Is The Best Time To Use Real Estate Skip Tracing As An Investor?

by | Mar 25, 2021

The best time for every real estate investor to land valuable deals is now.

It’s not just enough to obtain a few random wins but to maximize profits regularly. As a real estate investor, generating lucrative sales is intentional and most times it does not come from folding your arms, driving around town looking for a sales poster.

It requires background work and deep digging to discover the sale leads that you deserve.

Skip tracing is that extra but essential ingredient to spice up your real estate deals.

Now you can get to bring sales to yourself rather than waiting for them to pop up from somewhere.


Skip tracing is the act of using the resources at your disposal to locate homeowners whose properties are currently not on the market but might have caught your fancy. You see yourself making huge profits from these deals and now you do all you can to obtain them.

Skip tracing is the process of tracking down valuable information on homeowners that you believe are potential sellers. Potential sellers can easily be identified by their profile as they have more tendencies to want to make a sale but have probably been hindered by some factors.

Example of homeowners with sale potential includes:

  • Homeowners of abandoned property 
  • Old owners that simply want a smaller home
  • Owners with a new addition to the family seeking a bigger home 
  • Owners that are getting divorced or married 
  • Homeowners at risk of foreclosure 
  • Those that just inherited properties 
  • Homeowners that are being held up in a long-term facility 
  • Those that are deficient in their mortgage or tax payments 

All these homeowners have high tendencies to make a sale when offered an attractive deals.


There are so many resources available at your disposal that can provide you with the basic information you need to find your homeowner.

Some include:

  • Public records: Although digging into public records can be very time-consuming, it can lead you straight to the essential information you need to find property owners. Example of public records to dig through when in search of contact details:
  1. Divorce records
  2. Building permits 
  3. Utility records 
  4. Business, professional, or marriage licenses 
  5. Criminal records
  6. Property records
  7. Employment records
  8. Court orders
  9. Local and state tax records
  • Social media: although much faster than searching through public records, the information found on social media cannot always be certified as valid. Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn e.t.c should be able to lead you to the right path when used intelligently.
  • Need To Skip: every hero has a superpower and every real estate investor should too. When it comes to landing valuable deals you need both speed and accuracy and Need To Skip comes to fill in the blank spaces with lightning speed delivery and a bulk rate discount that allows you to reach as many homeowners as you would like, at once.


I believe this question can easily be rephrased as, when is the best time to land valuable deals?. For a real estate investor, the time is always right now. Why wait when you can make more money and start generating profits?

Skip tracing allows you to remove competition and connects you with motivated sellers and hence potential sale leads.

Conclusion: Instead of driving around town looking for signs that read “Up for Sale by Owner” or searching on websites already crowded by other real estate investors trying to generate sales, you can skip trace to locate off-market sellers with high motivation to sell. Think of how much time and gas it would take to drive around the whole block and still come up with a fruitless lead, save yourself the stress, and dive into skip tracing today.

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