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Skip Tracing Do’s and Don’ts

by | Mar 29, 2021

Knowing skip tracing do’s and don’t is almost as important as employing the strategy in the first place.

The end game of executing real estate skip tracing is to connect with homeowners that have high motivation to sell their property and more importantly going about it, the right way.

Skip tracing allows you to generate sale leads and actualize profits.

To effectively take advantage of the wonder that is, skip tracing you need to have a strategy in mind.

Here are our skip tracing do’s and don’ts below:


  • Plan ahead: What method of skip tracing do you want to explore? Would you rather employ a batch skip tracing, where you search for the details of one property owner at a time? Or you’d prefer a bulk skip, that involves you finding multiple leads at once?. What would you prefer to use as a source of information? Would you rather employ public records? Search engines? Social media? Or you’d rather make use of them all at once?. Do you think you would employ a professional skip tracing service?. All these questions and more should be answered during the planning stage. View the whole picture before even getting started
  • Make your findings: Skip tracing is not about blindly looking for names of homeowners, that is just a blatant waste of time that may only result in a profit if you are really lucky. Hence, ask the right questions: Why do I need to locate these particular homeowners? What do these homeowners have in common that would make them want to sell to me?. Everyone has a story and so does every homeowner. Getting them to sell their property to you is going to take more than asking nicely. What sale pitch you would use would be greatly informed by the property owner’s story.

Are they a new couple that just recently had a baby? You can convince them to sell their old house by pointing out that they need a larger home for the little one? Are the homeowners old and living all alone? You can convince them that staying in a smaller house would attract less maintenance costs. For, homeowners behind on their taxes, explaining how selling to you would allow them to pay off their debt and still make a good deal at the end of the day might be a good sale strategy to employ.


Knowing what to do when skip tracing is as important as knowing what not to do. There are things you need to follow to ensure you effectively skip trace to make a profit. 

Skip tracing Do’s

  • Do have a plan beforehand: Knowing what you intend to do with the property once you locate the homeowner is important. Do you intend to resell and put the property on the market? Do you have an exit strategy?
  • Do employ the best skip tracing service: Need To Skip is second to none when it comes to providing top-notch skip tracing services to real estate investors. It is speed, reliability, and cost-effectiveness wrapped up in one.
  • Do reach as many homeowners as you possibly can: you have higher chances of pulling in gold if you widen the reaches of your net. You can stack the odds in your favor by locating a large number of homeowners with the motivation to sell

Skip tracing Don’t 

  • Don’t break any federal, state, or local law in the bid to locate homeowners. Always ensure you are not searching through illegal or restricted access just to gather information about property owners.
  • Don’t acquire any information with the use of force or physical violence.

Conclusion: Skip tracing allows you to locate real estate owners that can provide you with great opportunities. Having a plan before diving into it would greatly inform the method of skip tracing you choose to employ, the kind of information source you use, and even your sales pitch strategy. Landing valuable deals can be as easy as simply following the rules, adhering closely to skip tracing do’s and don’ts.

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