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Why Using Real Estate Skip Tracing Is Legal

by | Apr 7, 2021

Ever found yourself asking if skip tracing is legal or if it is even worth all the trouble?

The answer to this question would probably help you quieten down your worries and lead you on the path of unearthing massive real estate deals. 

The fact is that there are so many other individuals in other industries that make use of skip tracing asides from real estate investors. 

Skip tracing allows you to locate people that do not want to be found or just seem hard to find and this is not exclusive to real estate investors alone.

For real estate investors, skip tracing homeowners allows you to connect with them and it can be potential sellers.

It is going beyond what the market is offering per time and taking that extra step to generate profit.


Skip tracing is an essential tool that is employed by other industries whose aim is also to locate people, example of such industries includes:

1. Lawyers: Attorneys are constantly in the need to locate individuals for process serving, court cases, wills, and other legal motives. Skip tracing allows lawyers to locate witnesses in court cases that may have vital information that can change the cause of a case. It also allows them to find individuals trying to escape the hands of the law either because they are indebted to an organization or being sued for wrong conduct. In the event of process serving, skip tracing eases the process and allows them to connect to beneficiaries of wills that are proving impossible to find or partners in divorce cases that are simply unwilling to move forward with the divorce.

2. Collection agencies: These agencies ensure that debts are retrieved from debtors that are trying to stay hidden because their loan has passed its due date of repayment. 

3. Bail bondsmen and bounty hunters: Nobody wants to face the possibility of going to jail, everyone wants to stay a free man and this is why some people try to skip bail. Bounty hunters help to locate such fugitives and put them accountable to the law.

4. Reporters: skip tracing is legal and is a vital tool for journalists and reporters wanting to get important information from different sources. It allows them to locate individuals that seemingly know a little more about a story and are willing to share and let their voices be heard.

Some other individuals that make use of skip tracing include private investigators, insurance fraud investigation agencies, school alumni reunion committees, genealogies, repossession agencies, employment verification services, and even marketing agencies. 


The reason you are probably hesitant to employ skip tracing is that you are not entirely sure it is a legal process. Skip tracing is a legal process that involves you making use of tools and resources at your disposal to locate people. The key here is not to violate any federal, state, or local laws while obtaining information.

The information you seek should not be obtained by searching through private records that should not be accessed by the public or by using physical force. It is also important that you keep an eye out for laws in your state that govern how you use this information. For example, as a debt collection agency trying to locate loan offenders, it is illegal to lie to the debtors about the reason you are trying to find them. You should be truthful and straightforward about the purpose of your search.

Hence, watch out for laws in your state or those specific to your business that would help you stand within the boundaries of the law even as you skip trace.

Conclusion: skip tracing is legal and simply involves using tools and services that enable you to locate potential sellers whose properties are currently not on the market.     

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