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What Is Batch Skip Tracing and What Does It Do?

by | Apr 14, 2021

Batch skip tracing is also known as bulk skip tracing.

It is the process of collecting data that would allow you to contact multiple homeowners at once.

Employing batch skip tracing ensures that you reach a larger set of property owners as opposed to doing so manually, reaching one homeowner at a time.

The whole idea is to carry out your research in batches to increase your reach and hence your chances of making a sale.

Batch skip tracing is a legal procedure that ensures a faster and effective means to connect with motivated sellers. It ensures you generate sales leads faster.

As long as you are not violating any law to obtain these leads, such as illegally accessing private files and documents or trying to obtain this information using violence and brute force.

There are also certain rules to follow such as not calling phone numbers placed on the DNC (do not call) list.

The DNC list contains numbers of individuals that have specifically requested that they do not want or appreciate unsolicited calls. Hence, it is important to run a thorough check that you are not working with contact details on the DNC list.

Running a check using a phone validator can help with this as you do not want to be fined for wrongly cold calling.


Batch skip tracing involves searching for important information about homeowners that can assist you to connect with them. Information such as the name, home address, email address, phone number, or even social security number.

There are so many resources that can assist you in your batch skip tracing such as:

  1. Need To Skip: To be a successful real estate investor you need to place yourself at an edge over other competitors and having special tools and services you employ for your batch skip tracing can help with that. Need To Skip combines data access and speed to produce great results and great results lead to generating massive profits.
  2. Search engines: Search engines are websites that allow you to search for and unearth internet contents. The internet contains a lot of information that can assist when trying to locate a homeowner. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing can help provide important details that can help you pinpoint the whereabouts of a potential seller.
  3. Social media: everyone knows that social media platforms contain a pile of information and details about people, from Instagram to Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn e.t.c, all these platforms provide you with free and easily accessible data


Asking this question is tantamount to asking “why reach a lot of potential sellers when you can reach one?”. Of course, reaching a lot of homeowners is the smartest way to go because you increase your chances of actually making sales by reaching more property owners. 

Conclusion: Batch skip tracing can make all the difference to your investment portfolio. One big benefit of using batch skip tracing is the volume of contact details you will be working with increasing your possibilities of generating lucrative sale leads.

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