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What Are Skip Tracing Services?

by | Apr 20, 2021

Employing skip tracing services can make all the difference in your portfolio as a real estate investor.

Opening yourself up to deals beyond what the market has to offer at that moment can generate profits and eliminate competition.

Skip tracing is the process of tracking down homeowners with high motivation to sell but whose properties are not currently on sale. There are so many reasons why their houses may not be on the market, it could be that they just haven’t made the final decision to sell yet or they are just too lazy to do so.

It would mean that for these homeowners, there may not be any other offer waiting around on the table, simply because you sought them out.


Skip tracing does not need to be tasking as many people seem to think, once you know the right place to go.

Using Need to Skip, you can be assured of premium quality services from a wide database. With advanced analytical reports, a fast interface, accurate and valid data access that would ensure you are not wasting time on a dead-end, finding homeowners does not need to be an impossible task. Every real estate investor needs a competitive advantage, and Need to Skip can be yours.

Now you can get to enjoy bulk discounts on all your batch skip tracing orders, and you can get pay by results without needing to make monthly contracts.


Employing Skip tracing can be that addition that changes a lot in your investment game. Here are some of the benefits that skip tracing brings:

  1. Speed: It’s one thing to sit around waiting for the market to bring prospective clients and it’s another to chase down your own leads. Batch skip tracing is one of the ways to generate a lot of leads at once, and this beats driving around town looking for a “for sale” poster lying around or sitting by the phone waiting for a seller to miraculously call to negotiate a sale. With skip tracing, you become the master of your own investment “fate”.
  2. No competition: Since you are finding homeowners whose homes haven’t even been placed on sale, it means you’re not going for what’s generally available instead you’re generating your sale leads. This would mean that these potential sellers are less likely to have any other offer up for them, so you get to strike a deal with little or no hassle.

Incorporating skip tracing also guarantees that you get connected with highly profitable sale leads such as abandoned properties, properties of homeowners who are being held in a long-term facility, or even those having issues meeting up with their tax payments and would see selling off their property as a good solution to their problems.

Having a concrete plan when employing skip tracing services also helps and asking yourself the right questions is important in forming a plan. Questions like: What happens after I locate this homeowner? How do I convince them to sell to me?. Developing a mastermind sales pitch is very important to crown up your skip tracing success and should be a part of your strategy even as you find homeowners.

Conclusion: Employing skip tracing can provide you with that competitive advantage you need on the market.

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