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What Is Skip Tracing and What Industry Can I Use It In?

by | Apr 22, 2021

Knowing what industry makes use of skip tracing would help you determine the benefits this process can bring to your business. 

Skip tracing is the process of finding individuals that are seemingly hard to find, either because they don’t want to be found or they just have not made themselves so accessible. 

There are so many reasons why you would need to find someone, and depending on the type of industry, this reason can differ greatly.

Skip tracing can be done in batches also known as bulk skip tracing or batch skip tracing or can be done singly.

Batch skip tracing simply means you are trying to locate multiple people at the same time and guarantees more speed than when done singly.


1. Real Estate Investors: Skip tracing is particularly useful to real estate investors as it allows the finding of homeowners whose properties are not on sale. This means it connects real estate investors with potential sale leads. Skip tracing when employed provides that extra sale “push”, meaning there is no need to sit around waiting for a profitable sale to emerge in the market and for which you even get to compete with other waiting investors. With skip tracing, you can get to pin down those property owners with high motivation to sell their house to you, convince them to do so and make your profit.

2. Lawyers: This group of people make use of skip tracing differently from real estate investors. Lawyers employ skip tracing for several legal reasons and proceedings. The individuals that lawyers sometimes need to find include: important witnesses to a case, heirs to a will, person of interest to be served with legal process papers, clients that are being sued, subjects who skip bail, defendants who skip court, debtors who are falling behind in making payments among many others.

3. Debt collection agencies: This industry is involved in locating debtors who are proving hard to find. They make use of several databases to inform debtors of the debt they owe and help retrieve the money. Some examples of the records they use include: loan application records, credit records, criminal background records, job application records, public records and even courthouse records. Most debt collection agencies act as the third party for individuals that would like to obtain their money back from those who fail to pay up their bills. 

4. Reporters and journalists: Reporters make use of skip tracing to locate interview subjects that possess information that they believe would spike the interest of the public. Getting information from the right source gives more credibility to a story when it comes to journalism hence the need to locate certain individuals.

Bounty hunters and bondsmen also make use of skip tracing to locate people that have skipped bail out of fear of being sent to prison. Bounty hunters help place these fugitives accountable to the law. When we need to consider what industry make use of skip tracing, it is important to ask “what industry needs to find people?”, and the answer is usually a lot. From detectives to guarantors and even private investigators, each of these industries frequently needs to locate subjects whose whereabouts is not immediately known.

Conclusion: Skip tracing services has proven valuable to different industry as it helps to track down individuals that are difficult to find.

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