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What Is The Difference Between Skip Tracing and Batch Skip Tracing?

by | Apr 26, 2021

The difference between skip tracing and batch skip tracing is not so far-fetched, simply put, batch skip tracing involves carrying out skip tracing in bulk.

It involves trying to find multiple homeowners at once, this particularly helps to increase the number of property owners reached once and therefore increase the likelihood of making a successful sale.

Batch skip tracing is a specialized form of skip tracing where you search for important information about different homeowners that can assist you to pinpoint their location and connect with them.

Information such as the email address of the property owner, their phone number, name, home address, and even social security number can assist you to locate such individuals.

Sometimes, when this information is not straightforward to obtain, going through additional information such as the college attended, the home address of old colleagues from work or other family members may help you locate these homeowners.


Real estate investment is not an industry that should be walked into blindly, there are some vital habits that when employed are sure to guarantee success and should be in your arsenal as a real estate investor aspiring for success.

  1. Have a plan: Having a business plan is very important when running a business on a long-term basis. Having strategies you routinely follow such as task planning and business organization is vital to success. The difference between a real estate investor wanting to make massive profits and one who is comfortable with taking whatever the market has to offer is the right tools. Having the right skip tracing service that guarantees speed and data accuracy is important if you intend to truly reap the benefits of skip tracing. Every real estate investor needs to have something that sets them apart from other agents, and having a concrete plan to improve your base and grow your business exponentially would influence the type of services and tools you employ.
  2. Have a clear budget: Yes, you are making sales and generating profit, but what comes after?. The fact is that you will keep your business growing if you have a solid grip on the cash flow. Having a defined budget for what comes in and what goes out is critical in building your business. After mapping out your expenses ensure there are still enough funds left for growth and in cases of emergencies.

A vital tip to incorporate into your investment plan is Batch Skip tracing and trusting Need To Skip with your skip tracing would make all the difference to your portfolio. The difference between a real estate investor that makes use of skip tracing and another who doesn’t is that the former is actively aspiring to generate sale leads and find deals that haven’t been placed on the market by the homeowners. The deals on the market are out in the open and would already have so many investors on them, this is why it is important to have that extra tool that brings what is not readily available right to your footstep.

Conclusion: The difference between skip tracing and batch skip tracing is that batch skip tracing involves finding homeowners in batches as opposed to skip tracing that involves searching for property owners singly.

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