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Is Skip Tracing Worth Using For Investors?

by | May 5, 2021

Are you a real estate investor and you find yourself wondering “Is skip tracing worth incorporating into my business?”

Maybe you’re trying to boost your portfolio or reel in more profit? Maybe you are wondering what strategy to use and are unsure if skip tracing is any good?.

Skip tracing for real estate investors is like walking into a dark room carrying a large torch of your own while humming to your favorite song.

If you want to stand out as a real estate investor, then you need a strategy that would not only place you above other competitors but keep you there.


Skip tracing is the process of collecting vital information and data about homeowners to locate them and establish contact. These homeowners have a high potential to sell their property to you and this is why you want to find them. Employing Skip tracing means you no longer need to wait for a sale to be available on the market where you get to fight for a stake along with other investors. It means you get to locate potential sellers, land your pitch and make your profit. So, is Skip tracing worth employing as a real estate investor? The answer is yes. Think of how many valuable sales you get to make, sales that may not yet have found their way to the market because the homeowners may not even have thought of selling their houses yet before you came along. Building your portfolio is intentional and requires the right skip tracing service to achieve.

What you should not do while skip tracing

There are several practices that you shouldn’t engage in when skip tracing to locate homeowners, some of which includes:

  1. Never obtain information illegally: it is wrong to obtain information from records that are not for public use or those that are restricted to certain bodies. It is important to ensure you’re obeying every local, state, and federal laws in your area even as you seek out homeowners.
  2. Do not obtain information by physical force: It should not be surprising that hurting people for information is a no-no. You do not want to get in any legal trouble simply because you were trying to get information about an individual, hence it is important to get these data through the right means and using ap. There are so many tools available to assist you with locating your homeowners, like public records, search engines, social media, and reliable skip tracing services.


Knowing the benefits and pros of incorporating skip tracing can help you answer the question “Is skip tracing worth my efforts”. Here are some of the benefits that this strategy brings:

  1. Speed: With skip tracing, you get to generate profitable real estate sale leads and this beats driving around town looking for houses that are on sale or waiting by the phone for clients to call. For example, with batch skip tracing, a method of skip tracing, you get to find multiple homeowners at once.
  2. No competition: skip tracing allows you to skip the competition, meaning you are locating individuals whose properties are not yet on the market or up for sale and therefore do not have any other offer competing with yours.

Conclusion: Skip tracing is worth employing in your strategy if you wish to build an attractive portfolio and generate profitable real estate deals.

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