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How to leverage skip tracing for real estate leads

by | Jun 4, 2021

Leveraging skip tracing for real estate leads is one hack you have to learn how to explore as a real estate investor. You should invest in skip tracing of some sorts if you want to differentiate yourself in terms of results and the profit you make. Skip tracing helps you uncover motivated sellers who are willing to listen to you and consider your offer without so much competition from other investors. Look at it this way, while you’re casting your net wide into the real estate waters, skip tracing helps you cast your net into more specific waters with minimal competition and fishes (sellers) waiting to be caught, you get my drift?. So in this blog post, we’d be discussing why and how you should leverage skip tracing for real estate leads. 

Why should you leverage skip tracing for real estate leads

In an increasingly competitive real estate market, you have to find extra outlets to get your message to the right audience. One sure outlet for real estate investors is skip tracing. Here’s why:

  • Building a diversified portfolio: In trying to build a diversified portfolio, It is wise to have a broad spectrum of assets across multiple states that bring residual income or properties that have high flipping value. You can create a list of states and neighborhoods in which you want to own property and use skip tracing to discover sellers within such areas. 
  • Commercial Real Estate: Discovering commercial properties that might be a bit difficult as some commercial properties might be owned by business entities. You can deploy skip tracing to lift the veil of incorporation and discover the decision-maker for the company.
  • Talk Directly to the owner: Skip tracing eliminates middlemen in the process and gives you direct access to the property owner as skip tracing provides you with accurate data on the property owner.

Skip Tracing also comes in handy when you are running a marketing campaign as you are advertising to a group of property owners that need minimal convincing.

Put Your Unfair Advantage to work

Leveraging Skip tracing for real estate leads is sort of an unfair advantage. We’ve talked about why you should find your unfair advantage, here’s how you can put it to work:

  • Plan: Any serious real estate investor knows the importance of planning. Unless you’re doing this investing thing for fun. You should have a benchmark revenue you’re looking at and how you are going to hit that benchmark, this also involves looking at the resources e.g. skip tracing that will help you get there.
  • Research leads:  if you have a specific property type or location in mind. for instance you want to find residential apartments in national city, San Diego , you can come up with the names of house owners and give to a reliable skip tracing service to help you uncover these leads. 
  • Find a reliable skip tracing service like need to skip that provides you with beyond-the-surface information about property owners and how you can reach them and their close associates. 
  • Convert them: You can run a cold calling campaign to convert these leads. You should have a solid pitch and avoid being too salesy. At times it is advised to fix virtual or physical conversations to convince some property owners.

With a Skip tracing service like Need to skip, you have the most unfair of advantages as they provide you with reliable, adequate information about property owners that enables you to win in your investing efforts and efficiently leverage skip tracing.

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