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Bulk Skip Tracing Vs. Single Skip Tracing: What Is The Difference?

by | Jul 13, 2021

Bulk skip tracing is the act of searching for a homeowner that might be difficult to locate.

It involves employing tools and strategies that would assist in locating this property owner, with the aim of buying their property and boosting your portfolio.

Bulk skip tracing is a form of skip tracing that involves finding a large number of property owners at once.

As opposed to skip tracing, for bulk tracing, you get to reach a number of homeowners within the shortest time. This helps to save time and increase your reach.


Skip tracing can be very beneficial to you as a real estate investor and can help you achieve your financial goals. Skip tracing can assist you in locating assets that have not even been placed on the market yet. With the help of skip tracing, you can connect with homeowners that have not even thought of selling their properties yet. This would mean that they most likely do not have any competing offers on their table yet. This, therefore, would place you on a negotiating advantage.

However, skip tracing isn’t just restricted to the field of real estate investment and can also be applied to other fields, such as:

  • Bail bondmen and Bounty hunters
  • Journalists/reporters
  • Private investigators
  • Debt collection organization
  • Lawyers
  • Government agencies
  • Tenant and employment verification companies
  • Missing children departments
  • Marketing agencies

Bulk skip tracing is a legal process that involves using the tools and services available to locate an individual. It is also important to ensure that you are not violating any regulations to obtain this information. For example, it is illegal to obtain information through violence and brute force. You also should not attempt to search through records that are prohibited to the public as this can attract legal actions.

Also, ensure you are not flouting any Telephone consumer protection act rules, like not calling anyone whose number has been placed on the National Do not call registry, as these individuals have legally indicated their choice to restrict the volume of telemarketing calls they receive.

As a real estate investor, skip tracing can help you find the right deals per time, and this is vital to success. Having the right data and information can help provide you with the right deals, and this is what bulk skip tracing provides.


As a real estate investor, employing the process of bulk skip tracing is just one of the many tools to have in your arsenal. Here are some strategies to put in mind:

  1. Know your market: Staying informed on the trends of the market and current changes can help you make decisions. When you have mastered the way the market responds to different circumstances, it means you can predict if a decision would be a productive one or one that is most likely to cause a loss.
  2. Have a defined business plan: Having a plan can never truly be overrated; it helps you stay on track and can tell you if you are straying off course.
  3. Prepare for risks: Dabbling in real estate investments comes with a lot of risks. It is therefore important to know and understand the risks that come with every step and investment decision you take.

Conclusion: Bulk skip tracing can provide you with the right data and information that will help you find the right deals for the success of your business and the growth of your portfolio.

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