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Top 5 Benefits of using skip tracing software

by | Aug 31, 2021

Top 5 Benefits of using skip tracing software


Skip tracing is a detailed search done on various data sources that are missing from the general public. This search provides specific information about the names, addresses, and current location of a property owner, which was hard to find initially. Most individuals have never heard of the term and do not even know it does exist. Using this software to find the owners or sellers of vacant houses gives one a competitive advantage in the real estate industry. As a result, it becomes possible to make a considerable amount of money on properties.

Real estate investors find difficulty locating the owners of vacant properties, which has always been a challenge in the industry. Most of them fail in this step and end up walking away because they do not know how to find the owners of the properties. However, with real estate skip trace software, you can easily find the missing property owner and get a massive advantage over the existing competition. The software works by taking any information you have about the individual, whether it is their first and last or the address of the vacant house, and within a few seconds, you will have your accurate results.


Top 5 benefits of using skip tracing software in real estate



1. Reduces competition

The real estate industry is not as simple as portrayed in the media, nor is it easy to get rich. The industry has been for years a competitive business. Today, many people are making their living as real estate investors, and they do this by working on their own as others copy the processes shown on the televisions. However, no one can be a great real estate investor unless they know the importance of dedication, self-drive, and creativity in achieving success in this career. Such investors have identified skip tracing and taken full advantage of its services because they desire and understand success.

Since the industry is competitive, investors often increase their initial offers to beat another offer. Although it helps one get the deal, a lot of money gets wasted, and investors end up with less profit. However, using a skip trace tool, the real estate investor can find a missing owner of a vacant property, and the chances are that there will be no other offers on the property. The investor has all the right to decide on the offer they feel is right and fair. If this offer is accepted, the investor will benefit a lot.


2. It is fast

Creating and finding leads is another task that seems complicated with real estate. This usually takes a lot of time. However, skip tracing software can help in creating leads fast. Most people use the old method whereby one drives around the town and look for signs indicating property for sale by the owner. This method takes much time and, most importantly, the valuable time you could have spent talking and working with clients.
On the other hand, Skip trace gives you all the details about the ownership of the vacant houses with a single search. The owners will serve as your potential clients. Once you have a list of potential clients, your agents will make calls and get the best leads you should be focusing on.


3. It opens an opportunity for many potential clients

Additionally, using skip tracing helps real estate investors to conduct bulk tracing. The procedure provides the user a large number of potential customers at once. This is different from the old methods where the investors do the MLS or look for properties available in the market at a reasonable price. Investors who are not using skip trace will find a single property and want to quote a high price because it is their only shot. Investors at this point will quote a fair margin but on a high number of houses which is a good thing because investors end up with good profits.


4. Unlimited opportunity

Skip tracing is an excellent method to tap into different markets at any time. With these tools, the real estate investors act like bounty hunters and try to locate the owners of the vacant properties. Therefore, This leverages them and allows them to strike a deal on different pieces of real estate. Having the opportunity to get clients in a wide range of ways for real estate widens your coverage as an investor. Whether it is a structure, land, or utility system, you can easily tap into any of these as long as the tools give you accurate feedback. Investors get to work with clients from different walks of life, selling and buying other properties.


5. Offers alerts on new data

Skip trace software provides real estate investors with new information about the property owners. The software gives all the relevant information, including bankruptcy, motor vehicle records, and criminal history. Moreover, the investors can easily upload information that triggers alerts such that certain relevant information gets noticed; the software keeps that record and sends them a message through email. Therefore, This means that once you have started your search process, the tools will keep scanning for changes even in minor details as long as the information is relevant; this will increase the chances of the investors to find their potential clients.



Skip tracing is your one step to be at the top of the game in the real estate industry. The business world is competitive, and real estate is even more competitive. Hence, this is because the tool helps you reach your prospect that other investors cannot get, making a lot of sales that will give you an upper hand in the competition. Of course, this will mean going the extra mile since sometimes money is involved, but the rewards are worth everything. Understand the benefits you will get financially from using the skip tracing tool. Hence This should be your first step to transitioning from other real estate investors to great real estate investors.

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