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The Best Ways To Find A Homeowner In 2021 Using Skip Tracing

by | Sep 8, 2021

The best ways to find a homeowner in 2021 aren’t far-fetched. You can decide to knock on doors or drive around neighborhoods or you could use a smarter approach by using skip tracing, But let’s not get ahead of ourselves here, why do you need to find a homeowner? you could be a real estate investor, a realtor, or a lender, regardless of the category you fall into, you still need some level of competitive advantage to get ahead of your colleagues, and what better competitive advantage than to use skip tracing. If you are new to the concept of skip tracing, here’s a bit of background; skip Tracing (especially in real estate) helps you discover motivated property owners who might be willing to consider your offer to buy or invest in their property. 

Why should you be interested in Skip Tracing in 2021

Imagine having laser-guided assistance in leads prospecting, like having tangible and reliable data points for you to work with, that’s what skip tracing does to your prospecting efforts. but here’s why you should consider investing in skip tracing in 2021:

  • New Work Policies: Big Tech companies like Google have crafted new work policies that allow employees work from home or certain offices. Employees are now prioritizing opportunities that enable them work from home. Remote work policy has also brought about movement across cities with some workers looking to settle elsewhere. 
  • Companies are moving too: In the last month of 2020, Electric Motor Company Moved its HQ to Texas . Oracle and Hewlett Packard also moved their HQs and some of their operations to Texas. These shifts will of course affect real estate, what better time to invest than now.
  • Saves Time: Using a skip tracing service like need to skip saves you a lot of man hours you could have otherwise spent pursuing wrong leads. 

The best ways to find a homeowner using skip tracing

We always advise you to have a goal in mind, for instance how do you expect to grow your portfolio and what resources and help you might need. Here are some of the proven approaches to finding a homeowner:

  • Using a Skip tracing tool: You can use a batch or single skip tracing tool, depending on your needs. You provide the skip tracing tool with some background data and you get the contact details and other information on the leads.
  • Be Thorough: Always be quick to check the validity of the information you’re getting to avoid waste of time and effort. You should also try to ensure that the information you are looking for belongs to the person and not a namesake.
  • Manually: If your skip tracing goals are not so ambitious, you can use the manual approach by checking the local county office, weekly journals, newspapers and publications for property listings. Pro Hack: You can also check the obituaries section too.

Need To Skip provides you with sufficient data points and relationship reports that help you contact homeowners who are most likely interested in your offering.

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