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Is batch skip tracing worth it?

by | Sep 23, 2021

Is batch skip tracing worth it? Fred, a property investor asked himself as he scrolled through the list of leads that he got through XYZ skip tracing tool. Many an investor has found themselves in Fred’s shoes and has questioned the efficiency of batch skip tracing in terms of delivering results that convert into revenue. But firstly let’s try and understand batch skip tracing and how it works. If skip tracing means finding people who seem difficult to trace because of a lack of proper information about how to find them, Batch skip tracing is the process of using skip tracing to find a larger number of individuals who are somewhat difficult to find. Otherwise Known as Bulk Skip Tracing, Batch skip tracing allows you to scrape through records and multiple contact information to find real estate leads.

Why is Batch Skip Tracing Worth it

Earlier on, we talked about Fred who wasn’t sure if Batch Skip tracing was worth it. Batch Skip Tracing is totally worth it and you can never go wrong with a reliable skip tracing tool like need to skip. Let’s Consider the Merits:

  • Time: They say time is money and honestly time is one of man’s greatest assets. Using batch skip tracing means you can search and locate more leads in less time which in turn saves you money. Batch processing combined with a reliable skip tracing tool allows you to make the most of your time, which is your organization’s most valuable asset!.
  • Cost: Using batch skip tracing saves you cost. You get to pay for leads at once and go back to it as often as you want. 
  • More Information: For real estate investors, batch skip tracing should be a no brainer as you have more information at your fingertips as you get information like a relationship report and other properties that might be owned by the leads.

Tips On How to Use it to Maximize Profit.

Fred probably used the cheapest batch skip tracing option in the market and that’s why he probably got poor results. So here are a few tips on how you can use Batch skip tracing to maximize profit.

  • Be Wary of Cheap Offers: As the saying goes, you get what you pay for. You’d probably see free or discounted skip tracing options and think you’re saving yourself money but the quality of data you get is not so reliable.  The phone numbers and email addresses you get will often be out of date or disconnected. Or, they may not find any information, but will still charge you for the search. Don’t do Cheap 
  •  Consider Using a Phone/Email Validator: Using a phone number and email validator saves your time and reduces your error margin. An email validator like helps validate emails for delivery and other issues. You should also be wary of numbers on the Do not Call list.
  • Identify the zip codes: If you’re looking to fix and flip, its sensible to identify are where people who are likely to invest in the property live. This is a good hack that helps you flip faster.

The importance of Investing in a reliable batch skip tracing platform cannot be overstated, it genuinely saves your time, gives you confidence in the leads you have, and also answers the question is batch skip tracing worth it?

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