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How Legal professionals use skip trace

by | Sep 27, 2021

Suppose someone owes you a debt and goes missing for a very long time; you will be worried about recovering your money. It is essential to have a technology that can trace down people who do not want to get found. With technology, locating missing people is much faster, and they can appear in court hearings within a reasonable time frame. 


Skip tracing technology is used to locate people who have moved from one town to another owing to debts and other financial issues they might have gotten themselves into. 


Getting the new address of someone you had dealings with helps get in touch with them and make inquiries into the debt they had left behind or other issues that were still not sorted when they were going. The person might even have changed their phone number, and it is the task of a private investigator or detective to get their real-time location and trace them down to where they are. 


Other people who need to use skip trace technology are lawyers who need to find the defendants on behalf of their clients. Usually, a skip trace case is opened for the person of interest when they have disappeared and cannot get found. 


It is similar to a locate case, and the person’s personal information cannot be revealed to anyone else unless there is an excellent reason for it. Skip trace technology uses various tools, technologies, and sources of information to find the person who has gone into hiding. 

For instance, they might use public sources of information, property deeds, and other databases to trace the person. The detective and the legal professional are also required to trace the person of interest within a given time frame, making technology and other techniques very useful.



Who to Look for in Skip Tracing


Many people would not want their whereabouts and location to get discovered. These are people looking for peace of mind and want to stay away from the rest of the world. They include:


  • Witnesses who play an essential role in lawsuits
  • Missing heirs to estates and property that has to get left behind
  • Debt defaulters
  • Fraudulent clients
  • Defendants who are missing from the court and absent from court proceedings.



Information that Can be Obtained through Skip Tracing


The primary goal of a skip trace case is to find out the location and whereabouts of a person of interest. Once a private detective has located the person of interest, they can contact them, arrest them or share information about their location with other parties of interest. 

The investigator will also get required to prepare a report which must contain information about the person of interest, including:


  • Phone number and contact details
  • Current address
  • Social security number
  • ID number
  • Current place of work



The previous address of the person can be a starting point for searching for them. There are also databases, surveillance footage, and web activity that can establish a person’s trace. 

The private investigator will analyze the information about the person of interest to determine their current location. For instance, the person might have changed places but still kept using duplicate social media accounts. 


The new posts will have different tags and meta-information, which can be a helpful indicator of where they have moved to. This information will enable the investigator to trace the person in question to their new location. 


The skip trace can also share the information with family members to help locate their missing relatives in skip tracing. 

The investigator will also look at the usual hangouts of the person get sought after to establish their movement patterns. The need to skip arises when the person discovers that they are in more trouble than they can handle locally. 


As such, they will typically skip town until things have cooled off. In the meantime, they will be searched for by the law and their family members since they are absent means that someone is worried about them. 


A skip trace is essential for assuring family members about the safety and well-being of their loved ones in addition to bringing them back to the law to be answerable for their charges. Sometimes, someone that has skipped town might have fallen into a considerable sum in terms of inheritance, and as such, individuals must search them far and wide to get the good news

real estate deal analyzer needs to establish the location of someone entitled to an estate so that he can conclude the transfer of the property and titles. In these moments, they will resort to a legal professional or a private detective who will use skip trace technologies to determine their location. 


skip trace will ensure that the person is found in good time and the contesting parties are silenced. Cases that involve vast sums of money and a missing person are usually compassionate and have many struggles and huge fights from other interested parties. 

As such, tracing the person’s location of interest is a huge priority, and Skip trace will apply all available technologies to ensure that the person gets found. With the modern internet, Skip trace can use more sources of information to analyze the activities and habits of the person getting tracked. 

Their social media posts, communication, and even text messages and calls are some of the main clues as to where they are. Sometimes, people move to entirely new places, but there is still a whiff of their old habits that remains with them. Therefore This is the scent that the investigator will use in the skip trace to establish contact with the person and inform them of their current condition. 


If the person is running away from the law, then they will be arrested and presented to a court of law where they will face the lawsuit that awaits them. Skip trace technology is very important for finding people that have dropped off the map and relied on by private detectives and law professionals to find persons of interest. 

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