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Today’s technology and real estate tools and how they help your investments

by | Sep 28, 2021

Today’s technology and real estate tools have helped simplify our approach to real estate. You can list a property on a multiple listing service and get people in their tens and hundreds indicate interest, you can weigh up the benefits of a deal by using technology and more importantly search for and find motivated sellers who might be willing to sell properties to you within hours. There are multiple dimensions to how today’s technology and real estate tools can help real estate investors, you can interact with multiple players involved in the property acquisition process. There’s also the more novel field called proptech that focuses on building solutions that help realtors and landlords to manage properties. But let’s trackback, how can you do awesome stuff in real estate with today’s technology.

Recent Technology tools in real estate.

There are multiple technological advancements in relation to real estate. We’d be highlighting some of them.

  • Deal Analyzer Tools: These tools help savvy real estate investors to analyze the costs, benefits and probable return on investment for each property you want to invest in. With a deal analyzer tool, you can increase the margins of success or profitability for each property you’re investing in.
  • Social Media: Social media has led to an increase in real estate commerce. You can list a house on a marketplace on Facebook or Instagram and get interested parties reach out to you directly. 
  • Skip Tracing: This is the elephant in the room as you can find information about motivated property owners who need minimal incentive to sell their house or take whatever offer you’re sharing. 

Skip tracing has grown to become an unfair advantage for real estate investors who have mastered it and have produced remarkable results over time.

Benefits of Skip Tracing

Skip Tracing embodies multiple aspects of the importance of technology tools on real estate and it will be good to highlight the nascent benefits that come with skip tracing and how it helps your investments. 

  • Time:  Time is an asset in the real estate business as your speed in discovering a larger segment of motivated sellers gives you an edge over your competitors. Using technology saves time and helps you get result faster.
  • More Data: Applying technology to real estate gives you more data points that accelerates your decision making. Need to skip provides you with a relationship report which gives you more information about the lists you want to skip trace.
  • Make A profit: Deploying Skip tracing gives you an edge over competition and allows you maximize profit when making property owners offers. The property owner is likely to be considering lesser number of offers or only listening to your offer and as such they can consider the offer on the merits and take it.
  • Plan: Using a skip tracing tool allows you to plan effectively on the resources you’d need and the resources needed to meet your financial goals. 

Technology has enabled multiple industries and real estate is no different,  with skip tracing you can leverage multiple aspects of technology including social media, research, and digital outreach.

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