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Growing your investments with Skip Tracing

by | Oct 2, 2021

Growing your investments in real estate is the dream of any real estate investor. We all love a story where an investor grows his portfolio from zero to millions to sheer hard work, grit, determination and every other buzzword that we think leads to success. There are a couple of real estate shows that make investing in real estate look like the golden goose that lays the golden egg. There are plethora of information (majorly aimed at self promotion) around how to manage investments and grow your portfolio on the internet and we thought we’d lend a hand by sharing how to grow your investments when it comes to real estate with skip tracing.

Why grow your investments with Skip Tracing

If the word ‘skip tracing’ sounds a bit alien to you, then you are in good company, nobody became a subject matter expert overnight. Skip Tracing is basically deploying resources at your disposal to find someone who is seeming difficult to find due to lack of information, when it comes to real estate, skip tracing is a means to find motivated homeowners who might be willing to sell their properties for just the right price. So why should you choose skip tracing to grow your investment?, here are a few reasons why:

  • Beat Competition: This is the undisputed value that skip tracing brings to the table. You beat the competition by unearthing awesome real estate deals that don’t have a lot of competing interests vying for the property owner’s attention.
  • Make the most of Time: The time you’d spend finding houses and property owners can be wisely invested into other aspects of growing your investment portfolio. Time ultimately allows you to make more money. With skip tracing, you can skip trace multiple property owners and get detailed reports on them.

These are the obvious benefits that come with skip tracing, there are other benefits include more detailed information for cold calling and email campaigns, and also more confidence in your sales approach. 

Defining Your Approach to growing your investments

Depending on your investment goals and financial projections you can set an approach to skip tracing. Here are some of thee options you can explore when you want to skip trace:

  • Self-help: You can definitely take the self-help or do it yourself approach that entails a combination of different tactics like checking local publications and journals, driving around areas you might be interested in. You could also take it up a notch by using social media to find listings and property owners based on location. You can also check out the County office for information on houses. The downside with this approach is that it is quite time consuming and not suitable for real estate investors who want to maintain a diverse range of portfolios.
  • Use a Skip tracing tool: While its easy to say use a skip tracing tool, yoou have to be careful when it comes to picking a skip tracing tool as you have to look out for tools that provide accurate data, deliver in good time and also provide additional detailed information. 

Growing Your Investment doesn’t happen in a day, it takes solid investments and a commitment to seeking out information to help you achieve your goals.

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