How accurate is skip trace? Is it worth it?

by | Oct 29, 2021

How accurate is skip trace? Let say you are looking for a property. You find a vacant plot but can’t seem to find the owner. Therefore, many real estate buyers face this challenge whenever they look for a property to purchase. 

Even when you have found the property, getting the owner will be more difficult if they had already skipped town and their current location is unknown. 

What is Skip Trace?

Skip tracing is the process of finding a property owner who does not want to get found. The owner might have moved from one state to another for their reasons, and unfortunately, they did not leave any address. Their whereabouts are always unknown, and it can be not easy to trace them down. 

With the skip trace, closing the real estate deal and making the property purchase easier becomes a lot easier. Skip trace tends to look at the possible places that the property owner might have moved to and anyone they might have contacted. 

There are many reasons properties are left vacant, and the owners are nowhere to be seen. One of the main reasons is the owner deciding to relocate and start living in another place. When they move, they usually do this without leaving any information behind. As such, it becomes challenging to trace them to where they currently reside. The property owner’s lack will make your work more complicated whenever you look for a real estate deal. 

However, it can become a lot easier when you have a skip trace service to track down the property to where they currently reside. In addition to determining the new location of the owner, skip tracing establishes their further contact information so that you can get in touch with them to make inquiries about the property. If you can get contact information and a new address for the missing property owner, it becomes easier to close the deal on the property. 

As a real estate buyer, you will have an easier time making the purchase, giving you access to prime locations even when the actual property owners are out of town. It doesn’t matter how far the property owner moved, as skip tracing can track them with a high level of accuracy. 

How Accurate is Skip Trace?

Skip trace has a high level of accuracy. It makes use of an extensive collection of data and statistics to trace the original property owner. 

It uses in-depth analysis of the currently available data and computer systems, connecting facts about the person getting tracked. With the power of big data and modern computer and software systems, establishing the movement pattern of the property owner becomes a lot easier. 

The information is derived from many sources, such as population data and communication records. Additionally, maps to visualize the information ensure that the person’s location is determined to a very high level of accuracy. 

Relating information from multiple sources ensures that the skip trace process is as accurate as possible, in addition to reducing any chances of errors. It doesn’t take much to know where someone is if they have established a communication pattern in their new location. 

Some habits are hard to get rid of, and the property owner will be prone to getting back into old habits. As such, it becomes much easier to find out where they are and what they have been doing. 

For instance, they might still be in the same occupation they were in before they moved, and with employment records, it becomes easier to find their new place of work based on their history. 

Relating historical data to current real-world facts is also a lot easier and makes the skip trace more accurate and likely to succeed. The information doesn’t suddenly dry up, and connecting the past details of the property owner to current data is a lot easier with the use of the software. 

With software, accuracy increases, and patterns that the naked eye misses will get quickly established. Using the best skip tracing tools ensures that you have a higher chance of success, and a single skip trace will take much less time when equipped with modern tools. 

Is Skip Trace Worth It?

Any real estate deal analyzer needs to determine whether tracing the property owner will be worth it. Considering the cost of a single skip trace, you must be fully confident about what you are about to undertake. 

The person you are tracing might not want to get found, and as such, they will have made things a lot harder for you. They might even have changed their names and contact information to make it a lot harder for you to find them. 

It is essential to consider the deal’s cost and how much it will take to track down its original owner. If the value is worth the price you are likely to incur tracing the owner, you should proceed with the process. 

Abandoned properties also tend to have a lot of value attached to them, and the benefits of finding the owner can outweigh the investment needed to find them. Always weigh the options and alternatives available to you before deciding to conduct a skip trace of the property owner. 


Skip trace is sometimes necessary when you have found a vacant or abandoned property, and the owner is nowhere to get found. 

It enables you to trace them to where they are to negotiate and get more information about the property. It is simple and very effective when done with the right tools such as big data and software tools. 

Need to Skip provides you with the tracing services that you need to close your real estate deals. The process is simple and powered by the best tools and techniques in the field. As such, you can be confident that you will find the property owner and close the deal in record time. Please find more information on our website at Need To Skip.

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