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The Importance Of Skip Tracing To Property Investors

by | Nov 14, 2021

The importance of skip tracing to property investors can not get overstated. Skip Tracing is an essential consideration for any serious real estate investor as it has proven to be quite an unfair advantage in terms of getting results. To share more context, Imagine how difficult it must be to find property owners across the country who might be inclined or motivated to sell their property without skip tracing. Skip tracing helps you cut through the noise in the market and Multiple listing services and directly reach out to your target audience. Historically skip tracing came about by looking for people skipping a responsibility or bail, and skip tracing is then deployed to find them. Nowadays, it gets deployed across multiple industries like legal. It gets used to finding people who need to be served processes, debt collection (to find debtors who might be eloping, insurance, and other sectors.

So let’s bring it home, what is the importance of skip tracing to property investors.

How important is skip tracing to Property Investors?

In a fast-paced and potentially quick-changing real estate market, Skip tracing can be of high importance to real estate investors in the following ways:

  • Speed: Using skip tracing grants you the gift of speed as you can get insights about the property owners you are targeting within as much as 48 hours. Hence This will go a long way in helping property investors maximize changing trends in the property market. 

  • Beat Competition: Using the popular sources of finding property owners like using an MLS, talking to a realtor, and other self-help means can take time, and other investors are probably doing the same thing. Skip tracing helps you beat the competition by discovering motivated property sellers willing to sell their properties with minimal motivation.

  • Accuracy: Having the information you can count on in this business is an underrated advantage. It gives you the confidence to make projections based on the quality of data provided by your skip tracing software of choice. Of course, having a reliable skip tracing service/software affects the accuracy of your results. It would help if you were wary of free or skip tracing services that seem too good to be true as they do not produce reliable nor accurate data that you can count on.

  • Multiple Data Sources: Skip tracing does not only help you to find motivated property owners, but it also helps you crawl through multiple Data Sources like social media, public records like vehicle licensing records, call registers to find information about a particular person.

In addition, It is poignant to note that all these highlighted benefits of skip tracing can only possibly be enjoyed with a proficient skip tracing software like need to skip. Apart from the regular information that a skip tracing service provides, Need to reflect provided you with a relationship report on the known associates and the families of the contact you are looking for. It also provides details on the contact information it provides by indicating the home or office line.

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