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Affiliate Frequently Asked Questions

Your username will be the email you provided to the representative.

Password may be reset in the affiliate are of our website. The reset link will be sent to the provided email.

Affiliate links can be found on your Dashboard. You may create a custom link for every campaign by hitting “Generate URL”. Enter the campaign name and edits to the link in “Referral URL”. Do not delete any part of the URL, only add to it by placing a forward slash after the last character generated, followed by your custom characters. Once done customizing, copy the link and hit “Generate URL”

NOTE: Custom Campaign links only last 30 DAYS. You will only receive statistics AND credit for 30 DAYS after the campaign link was generated.

Commission is set by your representative.

Affiliates will be paid out through PayPal, so please be sure to provide your representative with a PayPal email.

Balances will be paid out on the first of every month. Payments may take up to 48 hours to process.

You will still receive credit if a customer uses a Need to Skip coupon code with your affiliate link.