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So, you want to retire? It can seem like a distant dream for many people. However, life expectancy is longer, and the cost of living is on the rise. Employers don’t support like they once did, and the stock market is unreliable. Therefore, it can be difficult to accumulate enough wealth to justify leaving the workforce at the expected age, let alone early. You can use a retirement calculator to evaluate how much you will
There are many ways to invest in real estate. Two of the most popular ones are to either fix and flip a house or, on the contrary, to hold on to it. Although they both involve the same initial step – purchasing a property, often in need of some serious rehab – the following strategy is entirely opposite. While flippers try to sell the house they bought as quickly as possible, buy-and-hold investors intend to
If you ask most people what the difference is between being wealthy and being rich, they will look at you with a blank look on their face. For the majority of the population, both those words are, after all, synonymous. It defines someone who has a lot of money and a comfortable lifestyle. However, to put it in the words of Robert Kiyosaki, the best-selling author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad, nothing could be further
If you are on the market for a commercial lease, you probably have encountered the term Triple Net lease, also known as NNN lease. It is a typical lease structure in commercial real estate. It is especially true when it comes to free-standing commercial buildings with a single tenant, but also in some cases for retail spaces. They are also prevalent in some areas, especially in larger cities or locations in high demand. But how
How to Find a Contractor for Home Improvement and Repairs
A reliable contractor who consistently does good quality work, within the allocated timeline and budget, is a priceless asset for anyone who owns real estate. It is particularly true for investors who constantly need home improvements and repairs done on their properties. Some of them may be necessary to improve the value of the building. Others are required to compensate for the wear and tear, reasonable or not, due to tenant occupancy.  However, finding a