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Why Home Investors Should Use Skip Tracing

Posted by Need To Skip on  November 21, 2018

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As a home investor, acquiring a vacant or abandoned property can be an incredibly valuable addition to your real estate portfolio. Unfortunately, it can also be a very difficult task as it can be hard to find the owners of these abandoned properties.  As this continues to be a growing problem for home investors, you might look to skip tracing for a solution. Skip tracing can be a very valuable tool for real estate investors
Current Address  Overall, skip tracers are trying to locate an individual so the address has to be one of the most crucial pieces of data.  In most cases, they are looking for a debtor who has been nonresponsive to requests to pay up so they skipped town. This sometimes makes it nearly impossible to serve any formal complaint.  Typically, most would think that the most valuable data to a skip tracer to obtain would be an address, right? Wrong. Although any successful skip tracer must obtain the address

3 Unique Tips on How to Find Motivated Buyers

Posted by Need To Skip on  November 9, 2018

Category: Current News
Are you looking for ways to find motivated buyers for your real estate? Do you invest in real estate but have difficulty finding the right buyers in your area? Well maybe you are looking in the wrong places or using the wrong tools to look for buyers.   One of the keys to locating the right buyers for the homes that you are selling, is to look at the properties you are selling and connect them

How do you Flip Houses in a Buyers’ Market?

Posted by Need To Skip on  October 31, 2018

Category: Current News
The truth is when writing this is that there are pros and cons in every phase of the real estate market. Right now, data suggest we have now entered a new buyers’ market. Although, it has been a sellers’ market in most of the country for several years. So, how can investors effectively navigate the new dynamics of the property market?    Why the Shift Now?  In the beginning of the new year, we saw records set for home sales, although we
If you have committed to a real estate skip tracing service like ours, then it is inevitable that you will run into the problem of not being able to reach a homeowner. One of the first things that you should do is to pull a family report if you cannot get a hold of a homeowner. The family report states all of the data of the phone number(s), the relative’s information or anyone associated with the homeowner.     When You