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Why You Should Consider Skip Tracing

Posted by Need To Skip on  October 3, 2018

Category: Current News
For the past few years, investors in real estate have been talking about skip tracing, if the services are worth it and trying to figure out which ones are currently the best in the market. Some of the questions are often; Do these services make logical and financial sense to use? And does the technology fully utilize the act of skip tracing? Well we can help you answer these questions below.    Skip Tracing Services 
There are several different purposes for skip tracing. For real estate investors, the primary reason is to find a home owner who is looking to sell their home. Finding vacant properties isn’t the challenge though, but trying to find the homeowner is. Without skip tracing and finding information about a homeowner, it would take a lot of time to search for the contact information needed to pursue a potential lead.  Skip tracing is a specific

Customer Reviews

Posted by admin on  July 12, 2018

Category: Customer Reviews
Maybe us telling you how great our services are, isn’t enough? Hear from real investors how our product speaks for itself. Watch testimonials on our customer reviews to prove our point.
Target tax delinquent properties with deceased homeowners You can create your own list of tax delinquent, vacant properties with deceased homeowners by first pulling a list of tax delinquent properties from your market. Pay attention to any properties that show up saying, “in the estate of”, or, “in care of”. “In care of…” usually means the homeowner died, is in prison, or is in a nursing home. Add these properties to your targeted list. You

Why Skip Tracing Is Better Than Direct Mail

Posted by admin on  May 17, 2018

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Some investors are quick to spend a lot of money on direct mail but reluctant to spend any money on skip tracing.It’s totally understandable how they want to best spend their money, but which is a better marketing medium, direct mail or skip tracing? You be the judge… below are 3 reasons why we believe skip tracing is better than direct mail. Reason #1 Direct mail cannot convince a homeowner that they can sell their