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young real estate agents
Starting out as a real estate agent at a young age can be overwhelming. Being a real estate agent is a very social job that depends on knowing where to look to find new clients. If you’re young and or new to an area, it can seem impossible to be successful. You’ll think to yourself “how am I supposed to do this when I don’t know anyone?” Yet that doesn’t have to be the end
Promotional videos are all the rage when it comes to promoting your real estate investing business. It is an excellent way to reinforce your branding and reach out to potential clients and investors. However, sitting in front of the camera for the first time can be intimidating. You will need the appropriate website platform for your investment company, as well as the right content to attract viewers. Where should you start? If you want to
tenant improvements
In commercial real estate, building owners can make certain repairs and modifications for a particular tenant. The real estate term for these type of changes is a ‘leasehold improvement’ or ‘tenant improvements.’ Tenant improvements are any changes or alterations made to the interior of commercial properties by the building owner to accommodate the specific needs of a particular tenant, typically per the terms of their lease agreement.  What are tenant improvements Examples of tenant improvements
buying your first home

How to Invest when Buying your First Home

Posted by max on  November 8, 2019

Category: Investing
Buying your first home is a huge milestone. Purchasing real estate properties is a heavily involved process and most go into it without much prior preparation or experience. Most people delegate the paperwork and legal work to their lenders and agents. With all the daunting work involved in buying a home, many develop apprehension toward buying, opting to continue renting. However, investing in a home can actually be an incredibly rewarding thing if done properly.
Real estate has an excellent track record as a long-term investment. However, it doesn’t come without barriers, and the main one comes down to one thing: cold hard cash. You need money to make money – or so the saying goes. It is particularly true when it comes to diving into realty investments. After all, as any homeowner knows, you need a significant amount of liquidity to purchase a single property, let alone several. For